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Recently Spotted Launch Effect Sites No. 9

New week, new ideas, new Launch Effect sites! Click on the images to get a closer look.

Robert Greene, a New York Times best-selling author, makes the most of Launch Effect by creating a landing page to promote his new book and a blog to connect with readers:

Robert Greene Mastery
Mastery by Robert Greene

Visit: http://powerseductionandwar.com

Featured on BBC3’s Be Your Own Boss, Cyclr, a community site for bike enthusiasts, made a fun-looking newsletter sign-up page:

Cyclr Signup page

Visit: http://cyclr.me

DeepTrax Records created a cool coming-soon site to promote label releases and an upcoming album:

DeepTrax Recordings Signup

Visit: http://www.deeptraxdigital.com

Strandfuif, a yearly beach fest in Belgium, uses Launch Effect Premium to countdown till the big day. They also made some slick tweaks and changed the background to a slideshow!:

Strandfuif  Festival Countdown

Visit: http://strandfuif.be

A feel-good sign-up page for Thank You For Seeing Me—a lifestyle brand promoting bike safety:

Thank You For Seeing Me Message

Visit: http://www.thankyouforseeingme.com/message

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