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Launch Your Own Promotions with Privy!

Privy - Online promotions made simple
We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with Privy to help you run promotions on your Launch Effect site. Yup, we just got more viral-friendly!

Privy, a Boston-born startup, is a new marketing platform that allows you to create and publish custom promotions on your website and social media pages.

It’s the perfect, cost-effective solution for small business owners who want to boost sales and conversions without hurting their margins.

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Launch Effect Premium: The First 4 Months

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Because many of our customers are entrepreneurs and small business owners who create, market, and sell products, we thought it could be helpful to share our own experiences in the marketing and selling of Launch Effect Premium.

We first released Launch Effect Premium back in December 2011. What had originally started out as a free theme that we made for fun turned into a marketable product as requests for various features started to pour in from those who gave the free version a try. We worked quickly to push out a simple version that allowed for a brandable footer and decided to charge 2 prices: $35 for a single site license and $65 for an unlimited site license. We also outlined several ambitious features to come at a later time including an animated progress bar and countdown timer, the ability to build pages beyond the landing page, and additional form fields.

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