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Animated Progress Bar & Countdown Clock for Launch Effect Premium

We’re happy to announce the release of the animated progress bar & countdown clock for Launch Effect Premium. It’s a gorgeous new feature that lets your site visitors know exactly when you expect a launch. You can customize the colors, and we’ve put in a few different styles to match your design. Here’s how it might look like on a site (click here to see the actual demo site):

Sample Site with Progress Bar and Countdown in Action

And here’s what it looks like in the admin panel:

Like what you see? Grab yourself a copy of Launch Effect Premium today!

Congrats to Our Launch Effect Story Winners!

We just finished giving away five free licenses of Launch Effect Premium to the winners of our Launch Effect Story contest. We’d like to thank everyone that submitted. We really enjoyed reading about how Launch Effect has helped our users get their exciting projects started. Here are a couple stories we received:


Our Launch Effect page has only been up for about a week and we already have 100+ unique subscriptions and over 1000+ new twitter followers. It is safe to say that Launch Effect has made a huge impact on our launch campaign.
—Steven, www.nerveeight.com


Launching an academic publisher sounds boring and most of the times it really is. Developing our concept however is not so boring. We work by applying the Lean startup method and that says that you should start lean, mean and efficient. Developing two websites (the launch page and our product) seemed stupid. But with Launch Effect we could start our launch page in an hour.
—Raymond, www.mydivvi.com

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Launch Effect Premium is Here!


In just a few months, Launch Effect has been downloaded over 6,000 times, and we’ve seen hundreds of new and exciting pages pop up all over the web. Thanks to our passionate users, we’ve gathered great feedback and learned more about the features that could take Launch Effect to a new level. A few weeks ago, we completed our integration with MailChimp (we have plans for more integrations). Today, we’re announcing the release of Launch Effect Premium, a paid version that offers a whole new set of features.

What to Expect from Launch Effect Premium

The initial release of Launch Effect Premium comes with the following:

  • the ability to brand or hide the footer (one of our most requested features)
  • premium support

Once you purchase a license, you’ll have access to all of our future updates, which will be often and significant. Here’s a look at what’s coming up:

  • 12/2011: the option to add an animated countdown timer and progress bar
  • 1/2012: the ability to expand the page into a full site (nav bar, styled pages and blog)
  • 1/2012: the ability to add extra form fields
  • 1/2012: Paypal integration for optional single-product e-commerce

You can check out the Premium roadmap to see what else is in store right here.


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