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Full Disclosure: Launch Effect Now Includes PressTrends

PressTrends is a new app that gives insights and trends into your WordPress theme’s performance and usage. We recently came upon PressTrends and thought it would be very helpful to include it in our Launch Effect theme (we also love looking at pretty charts). After poking around a bit and reading about how others had gone about including it in their theme, we thought it would be a great tool for us to better gauge how users were using Launch Effect. Version 2.02 for both Lite and Premium now come with PressTrends tracking.

A screenshot of some stats displayed by PressTrends

At Launch Effect, we really value our users’ privacy and will not do anything to compromise this. In looking at PressTrends and the stats it provides, we were comfortable with the fact that the information was anonymous and only provided a general aggregate of things like # of posts, which versions are being used, and how many people have abandoned the theme. We also took note of how WooThemes implemented PressTrends and included a “Disable” option for users who may feel uncomfortable sharing any kind of data (you can find this under the Integrations tab).

You can easily disable PressTrends tracking under the Integrations tab.

We’d love to know how people feel about this and we’d be happy to share some of these stats in the future for anyone who may be interested. Thanks for supporting Launch Effect!



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