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Get the Latest Launch Effect Release for Faster, Smoother Experience

No huge features to announce today, but we’re very happy to release the latest version of Launch Effect. We’ve done a number of things to make things work better including:

  • Major speed improvements
  • Fixes for the Facebook Like/Send functionality
  • General code clean-up and consolidation

We’ve also added the ability for users to customize the message in the “Returning User?” tooltip.

You can now customize the message of the Returning Visitors tooltip.

You can now add code into the Privacy Policy field so 3rd party tools like iubenda can be used (we’ll be blogging about this very soon).

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Launch Effect Premium: The First 4 Months

Click to see an interactive version of this chart

Because many of our customers are entrepreneurs and small business owners who create, market, and sell products, we thought it could be helpful to share our own experiences in the marketing and selling of Launch Effect Premium.

We first released Launch Effect Premium back in December 2011. What had originally started out as a free theme that we made for fun turned into a marketable product as requests for various features started to pour in from those who gave the free version a try. We worked quickly to push out a simple version that allowed for a brandable footer and decided to charge 2 prices: $35 for a single site license and $65 for an unlimited site license. We also outlined several ambitious features to come at a later time including an animated progress bar and countdown timer, the ability to build pages beyond the landing page, and additional form fields.

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Finally! Launch Effect Premium Now Supports Additional Form Fields

Collect different types of information from visitors with our new feature.

After weeks of designing, building, and testing, we are very happy to announce the release of the latest Launch Effect Premium version featuring the ability to add additional form fields to your sign-up page and tab. We’ve put together a demo that showcases the functionality. Check it out right here.

Custom Fields

It's easy to pick the types of forms you want to create.

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Recently Spotted Launch Effect Sites No. 5

From a frozen yogurt shop in Louisville, Kentucky, to a digital publication company in Annecy, France, people from different parts of the world are using Launch Effect to launch new and exciting ventures! Click on the images to see the full-size view.

You can never have too many froyo joints:

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First Glimpse: Custom Fields Functionality

The ability to add custom form fields has been our most requested feature. That’s why we’re very excited for the upcoming release of Launch Effect Premium which will come with the ability to add additional form fields to your sign-up page and tab.

Here’s a quick teaser of what’s to come:

The new Custom Fields options under the Designer tab

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Monitoring Your Stats

Launch Effect makes it easy to check the integrity of your referrers so that you can rightfully reward your most active supporter.

Under Launch Effect Settings, go to the Stats tab and you’ll see the email addresses and IP addresses of all the people who have signed up. Use the sorting option on Time and IP to check if there are any potential abuses. If you notice a bunch of sign-ups from the same IP, take a look at the time stamp to see if they are reasonably spaced apart or if they may potentially be one person trying to game the system.

Check your stats

Sort by IP to see if there are potential abuses.

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Spice Up Your Page by Adding a Subtle Pattern to Your Container

One of Launch Effect’s key visual feature is the oversized background image that gives the page a dramatic feel. We’ve seen some really beautiful images as well as some very creative variations. Today, we wanted to highlight the container area and how a simple tweak can give your page even more polish.

An example of a container with a pattern, in this case a dark wood pattern.

The container area is where the content goes. It’s set to white as a default and we’ve seen our users change up the colors and play around with the transparency (how-to info right here). One way to add an extra touch of customization is to try a pattern for the container background. You can use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to create one (there are lots of great tutorials if you do a quick Google search), but if you’d like to save some time, we recommend a very nice resource: Subtle Patterns.
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Full Disclosure: Launch Effect Now Includes PressTrends

PressTrends is a new app that gives insights and trends into your WordPress theme’s performance and usage. We recently came upon PressTrends and thought it would be very helpful to include it in our Launch Effect theme (we also love looking at pretty charts). After poking around a bit and reading about how others had gone about including it in their theme, we thought it would be a great tool for us to better gauge how users were using Launch Effect. Version 2.02 for both Lite and Premium now come with PressTrends tracking.

A screenshot of some stats displayed by PressTrends

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